Briefing Book – To the attention of the Commissioner of Canada Elections

Table of Contents

Welcome Letter from the OCCE Team
  1. Overview of the Commissioner’s Mandate
    1. Mandate and Appointment
    2. History
    3. Independence
    4. Compliance and Enforcement Measures
    5. Deputy Head for the Purposes of Human Resources
  2. Workplace and Workforce: The Organization
    1. Organizational Structure
    2. Biographies of senior management and direct reports
    3. Overview and Description of OCCE Teams
    4. Public Service Employee Survey
    5. March 2021 Workplace Consultation Survey Presentation of Results
    6. Fall 2021 Pulse Survey on COVID‑19, Its Impact on Staff, and the Future of Work
  3. Delivering on the CCE’s Mandate
    1. Relationship between the Chief Electoral Officer and the Commissioner of Canada Elections: Key Guiding Principles
    2. Role of the Chief Human Resources Officer of the OCEO
    3. Relationships between the Commissioner of Canada Elections (CCE) and other government partners
    4. Commissioner of Canada Elections Funding and Statutory Authority
    5. OCCE Committees and Working Groups
    6. External Committees
    7. Status of Investigative Body
    8. Chief Electoral Officer’s Written Opinions, Guidelines and Interpretation Notes (OGIs): Role of the CCE and Internal Processes
  4. Issues requiring early attention
    1. Key Operational Files
    2. Contacts to Make Early On
  5. Reports and Publications
    1. On the CCE’s Website
    2. On Elections Canada’s Website
  6. Internal Resources and Documentation
    1. OCCE Code of Conduct
    2. OCCE Workplace Violence and Harassment Prevention Policy
    3. OCCE Employee Onboarding Manual
    4. Remote Workplace Guide
    5. Policy Statement on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace
    6. Mental Health Risk Registry
    7. End of year report 2021-2022 (pages 13-14)
    8. Internal Services Agreement EC-CCE
    9. CCE Logo and Official Mark
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