Commissioner of Canada Elections Annual Report 2020

Looking Ahead

Recommendation Report

As part of the amendments contained in Bill C-76, which came into force in 2019, the Commissioner is now mandated, after each general election, to produce a report to the CEO containing recommendations for legislative amendments that, in his view, are desirable to ensure better compliance with, and enforcement of, the Act. The CEO is to include separately in his post-general election report the proposed legislative changes recommended by the Commissioner.

Continued Electoral Readiness

Given the minority parliament context, the CCE will continue to build its readiness capabilities in order to ensure it is prepared for an electoral event prior to 2023. Part of this work includes communicating with representatives from digital platforms to seek commitments from them to doing everything within their power to facilitate the work of the Office, particularly as it relates to the gathering of all relevant evidence needed to carry out its investigations.

Changing Public Environment

Over the course of the last number of years, questions surrounding the security and integrity of electoral processes have continued to be top of mind. The CCE is very mindful of the role it plays in maintaining Canadians’ trust in their democratic system. To that end, over the coming year, the Office is committed to undertaking renewed efforts to engage with stakeholders – both old and new – and work with them to broaden awareness of the Office, better understand and identify threats to elections and to assist the CCE in effectively executing its mandate.

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