Commissioner of Canada Elections Annual Report 2016-2017

Looking Ahead

Support to Parliament on election law reform bills

As noted earlier in this report, Bill C-33 was tabled in Parliament on November 24, 2016, and as of the date of this report, had yet to receive second reading in the House of Commons. Moreover, the Government has indicated that other amendments to the Act would be forthcoming, to address issues identified in the February 2017 mandate letter to the Minister of Democratic Institutions, and recommendations by the Chief Electoral Officer in his report following the 42nd general election. The Commissioner and his Office will be happy to offer any assistance to Parliament that it may request as it considers the proposed legislation.

Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs

As of the writing of this report, the Commissioner had been invited to appear before the Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs to discuss the recommendations contained in the Chief Electoral Officer's report on the 42nd general election. The appearance, scheduled for early April 2017, was expected to focus on recommendations related to the Commissioner's mandate as well as the third-party advertising regime.

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