Commissioner of Canada Elections Annual Report 2014-2015

Looking Ahead

2015 General Election

Each election brings with it a series of unique challenges. In order to fully discharge its mandate both during and immediately following the election, it is essential that the Commissioner and his staff have the resources required to quickly respond to issues as they arise. Throughout 2014-2015, the Office of the Commissioner of Canada Elections has focused its efforts on ensuring a seamless and coordinated approach to investigations. As part of these measures, the Commissioner and his staff continue to work with officials from Elections Canada and the CRTC to establish new practices and procedures that will facilitate information sharing between the organizations.

In anticipation of an increased number of complaints, in early 2015 the office also took steps to create a pool of qualified investigators that the Commissioner may draw upon to assist with the evaluation and investigation of possible offences arising out of the election.

Interacting with Canadians

The Commissioner of Canada Elections is committed to providing timely responses to compliance and enforcement-related enquiries from the public and the media. In 2014-2015, the office added new communications and public enquiries staff to bolster the office's ability to communicate directly with the general public, media and stakeholders. This expanded, public-facing presence not only improves upon the CCE's ability to respond to requests for information in a timely manner, but allows the organization to proactively address questions related to the mandate of the office. This flexibility will be a key component in the office's preparations for the next general election.

The Office of the Commissioner of Canada Elections strives to respond to all complaints in a timely manner. In that vein, throughout 2014-2015, the office has been engaged in the development of a more efficient, effective and responsive service delivery model. Among the initiatives undertaken to meet these new standards is the full implementation of new case tracking software that has positioned the office to quickly and expertly adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

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