News Releases: Commissioner of Canada Elections

Deputy Commissioner takes administrative
action against 19 individuals

Official and financial agents required to pay penalties totalling $6,000

Gatineau, October 13, 2021

The Commissioner of Canada Elections (CCE) announced today that administrative monetary penalties (AMPs) were imposed on 19 individuals. The penalties addressed violations under the Canada Elections Act (the Act) related to the 2019 federal general election.

The Deputy Commissioner of Canada Elections, acting pursuant to powers delegated to him by the Commissioner, issued notices of violation to:

In order to maintain transparency, and as required by the Act, a notice that sets out the name of the person or entity, the act or omission, and the amount of each AMP is published on the CCE’s website.

Under the Act, the official agent or the financial agent must provide the Chief Electoral Officer with the documentation required by their function within four months following polling day (or selection date in the case of a nomination contest). Failure to provide the required documentation within this deadline may result in a referral to the CCE. The Commissioner is responsible for determining and applying proper compliance and enforcement measures, including the imposition of AMPs. These aim to promote compliance with the Act and maintain confidence in the integrity of the political financing regime. More information about AMPs and requirements set out in the Act can be found in the links below.

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