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Commissioner of Canada Elections Imposes
Administrative Monetary Penalties on Five Individuals

Gatineau, May 6, 2021

The Commissioner of Canada Elections announced today that administrative monetary penalties (AMPs) have been imposed on five individuals to address violations of the Canada Elections Act (the Act).

In order to maintain transparency, and as required by the Act, a notice that sets out the name of the person or entity, the act or omission, and the amount of the AMP is published on the Commissioner of Canada Elections’ website at:

AMPs have become an increasingly common feature of federal and provincial compliance and enforcement regimes in Canada. They can be imposed by the Commissioner or, by the Deputy Commissioner in accordance with a delegation made under section 509.23 of the Act, to deal with various violations of the Act, including contraventions related to illegal voting, and to the rules on communications, third parties and political financing. AMPs may also be imposed to address non-compliance with a term or condition of a compliance agreement or of an undertaking.

The purpose of an AMP is to promote compliance with the Act, not to punish. A person cannot be subject to both an AMP and a prosecution for the same violation and it carries no possibility of imprisonment, no penal consequences and does not result in a criminal record. More information about AMPs can be found in the Policy for the Administrative Monetary Penalty Regime of the Commissioner of Canada Elections.

The Commissioner of Canada Elections is the independent officer responsible for ensuring compliance with, and enforcement of, the Canada Elections Act and the federal Referendum Act.

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