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14 new administrative monetary penalties published

Gatineau, July 14, 2022

The Deputy Commissioner of Canada Elections (Deputy Commissioner), in his capacity as Acting Commissioner of Canada Elections (CCE), announced today the publication of 14 administrative monetary penalties (AMPs) to address violations under the Canada Elections Act (the Act) arising out of the 2019 general election. In order to maintain transparency, and as required by the Act, summaries of AMPs are published on the CCE’s website.

The Deputy Commissioner has the power to issue Notices of Violation imposing AMPs of up to $500 for individuals. It is in this capacity that he issued Notices of Violation to:

AMPs are one of the tools the Office of the CCE can use to address violations under the Act. They aim to promote compliance with the Act. More information about AMPs can be found in our Policy for the Administrative Monetary Penalty Regime.


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