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Commissioner announces 18 compliance measures

Gatineau, January 28, 2022

The Commissioner of Canada Elections (CCE) announced today the publication of 17 administrative monetary penalties (AMPs) and one undertaking to address violations under the Canada Elections Act (the Act). In order to maintain transparency, and as required by the Act, undertakings and summaries of AMPs are published on the CCE's website.

The Commissioner issued a Notice of Violation to one individual for voting more than once during the 2019 federal general election.

The Commissioner has delegated powers to the Deputy Commissioner for Notices of Violation of up to $500. As such, the Deputy Commissioner issued Notices of Violation to:

The Deputy Commissioner also accepted an undertaking from a candidate for the 2019 federal general election for failing to appoint a replacement official agent without delay, upon the death of their official agent. As part of the conditions of the undertaking, the individual will appoint a new official agent without delay and provide the replacement with all the necessary financial information regarding the candidate's campaign for the return to be prepared.

AMPs are among the tools that the CCE can use to address various types of violations. They aim to promote compliance with the Act and maintain confidence in the integrity of the political financing regime. More information about AMPs and can be found in the Policy for the Administrative Monetary Penalty Regime.

An undertaking is a pledge made by a person or entity that did not comply with a requirement of the Act. The undertaking is accepted by the Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner as a means of addressing situations of non-compliance. It may be offered when a violation has been committed or following the issuance of a notice of violation imposing an AMP. Each undertaking contains the terms and conditions that are considered appropriate, which may include the payment of an amount. More information about undertakings can be found in our Compliance and Enforcement Policy.


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