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Transfer of the Commissioner of Canada Elections to the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer

Gatineau, Monday, April 1, 2019 – Today, the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) published in the Canada Gazette a second notice allowing several provisions of Bill C-76, which amended the Canada Elections Act (the Act), to come into force. Thus, the administrative reintegration of the Commissioner of Canada Elections (CCE) within the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer (OCEO) has formally taken place.

The CEO is responsible for the administration of elections, referendums and other important aspects of our electoral system. The CCE ensures that the Act as well as the Referendum Act are complied with and enforced.

The transfer of the CCE within the OCEO will facilitate collaboration between the two organizations. Improved contact between Elections Canada (EC) staff—who are responsible for the direction and supervision of the federal electoral process—and CCE staff—who are responsible for compliance and enforcement—will foster greater sharing of knowledge and expertise. The CCE will also have easier access to relevant information held by EC.

Care and measures have been taken to ensure the continued independence of EC and the CCE in the pursuit of their respective mandates. Specifically, the Act requires that the CCE, with respect to the enforcement of the Act, make decisions or take action independently of the CEO.


"This renewed working relationship will enhance our existing collaboration while maintaining the independence of each office. Sharing of knowledge and expertise will be easier and faster, as each office continues to protect the integrity in the federal electoral process that Canadians expect."

Stéphane Perrault, Chief Electoral Officer of Canada

"I am very pleased with the move to the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer. Our organizations work well together. I am convinced that we—and by extension Canadians—will benefit from being part of the same institution."

Yves Côté, Commissioner of Canada Elections

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