Frequently Asked Questions – Compliance and Enforcement During a Pandemic

Has COVID-19 affected the CCE’s ability to carry out its mandate?

Like others, the Commissioner of Canada Elections (CCE) has had to make some adjustments to the way we carry out our mandate during the pandemic. As a result, a number of measures have been implemented to make sure we can maintain our operations while keeping our employees, and those with whom they interact, safe.

Our personnel also have the tools, technology and equipment to continue to do their work, which includes things like processing and reviewing complaints and, where required, investigating potential wrongdoing under the Act.

Members of the public continue to be the eyes and ears of the CCE and are encouraged to contact the office if they believe they have witnessed something that is contrary to the Act related to a federal election.

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Given the pandemic, will the CCE accept complaints about individuals who don’t comply with public health rules during the election period?

Concerns related to non-compliance with public health measures should be addressed locally.

Except in cases where an individual may be unable to vote, or unable to enter a polling station due to circumstances stemming from the pandemic, public health regulations and guidelines do not fall under the mandate of the CCE.

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How can I share my concerns or submit a complaint to the CCE?

The nature of your concern or complaint will help determine to whom it should be addressed.

The CCE’s When Should I Complain? page contains a list of topics that are frequently the subject of complaints to our Office. This information may help you to determine whether your complaint falls within the Commissioner’s mandate.

If you believe you have witnessed a possible contravention of the rules under the Act, complaints or allegations of wrongdoing related to a federal electoral event should be sent to the CCE in one of the following ways:

There are some election-related complaints that don’t fall under the CCE’s mandate. Complaints related to the management of federal elections in Canada, or the conduct of an election officer, should be brought to the attention of Elections Canada.

If you are concerned about COVID-19 measures in your area, you should contact your local public health authority.

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