Frequently Asked Questions – Complaints

When Should I Complain?

The Commissioner of Canada Elections encourages anyone who believes an offence has been committed under the Act to contact the office. Individuals who wish to submit a complaint are urged to do so as soon as possible following the alleged offence and should provide as much detail as possible to support their allegation, including any supporting documents.

Under her mandate, the Commissioner can only address complaints related to federal elections. For this reason, the Commissioner cannot pursue complaints related to electoral events in other jurisdictions.

To assist you in the complaint process, please select a category that best describes your issue.

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What details should I provide in a complaint about a possible Canada Elections Act violation?

To respond to complaints about alleged violations, the Commissioner of Canada Elections requires the following minimum information:

  1. Your name, mailing address and telephone number.
  2. Your e-mail address and fax number, if applicable.
    If you are submitting the complaint on behalf of another person or organization, please also include the name of that person or organization (the complainant) and their contact information (mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address and fax number, if applicable).
  3. A factual description of the events, circumstances or actions that you believe gave rise to the alleged offence.

Please include specific dates, places and/or documents that you believe are relevant. This information will enable the Commissioner to assess your complaint; without it, assessment of your complaint may be delayed.

Keep in mind:

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