When Should I Complain?

Political financing

Ineligible contributors

Entities or individuals who do not have Canadian citizenship or permanent residence in Canada are not permitted to make political contributions.

Prohibition on making indirect contributions

The Act prohibits any person from making a political contribution out of funds, property or services provided by another person or entity for that purpose.

Contribution limits

The Act prohibits individuals from making contributions that exceed:

  • more than $1,500 in a calendar year to a particular registered party;
  • more than $1,500 in a calendar year to the registered associations, nomination contestants and candidates of a particular registered party
  • $1,500 in total to a candidate for a particular election who is not the candidate of a registered party;
  • $1,500 in total in any calendar year to the leadership contestants in a particular leadership contest.

These limits are increased by $25 on January 1 of each year.

Note: For 2023, the limit is $1,700

The Act also prohibits agents of political entities that are authorized to accept contributions from accepting contributions that exceed the limit imposed.

Prohibition on hiding a contributor’s identity

The Act prohibits any person or entity from :

  • hiding or helping to hide the identity of a contributor;
  • acting in collusion with another person or entity for that purpose

Prohibited agreements

The Act prohibits any person or entity from :

  • entering into an agreement for the provision for payment of goods or services to a registered party or a candidate that includes a term that any individual will make a political contribution.

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