Final Disposition at Trial – September 6, 2019

Accused: Sonia Fortin of Magog, Québec.
Facts: On March 5, 2019, a charge under the Canada Elections Act, as well as a charge under the Criminal Code, were sworn in the Court of Quebec in Sherbrooke. The charges resulted from an investigation into events that took place during the 42nd federal general election in 2015.
Offence: Sonia Fortin was charged with:
  • knowingly failing to provide the Chief Electoral Officer with the candidate’s electoral campaign return, along with other related documents, within four months after polling day; and
  • committing theft of money of a value of over $5000, which belonged to the candidate’s electoral campaign.
Plea: On September 6, 2019, Sonia Fortin pleaded guilty to both charges.
Sentence: Sonia Fortin received a $500 fine for failing to provide the candidate’s electoral campaign return and other related documents, and was ordered to complete 240 hours of community service for the theft offence as part of a 16 month probation.

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