Final Disposition at Trial – May 28, 2018

Accused: Margot Doey-Vick of Ottawa, Ontario
Facts: On December 14, 2017, two charges were sworn under the Canada Elections Act in the Provincial Court of Ontario. The charges were related to Ms. Doey-Vick’s failure to submit a financial transactions return and submitting unsatisfactory returns for a deregistered Electoral District Association.
Offence: Margot Doey-Vick was charged with:
  • failing to provide the Chief Electoral Officer, the Scarborough-Agincourt Federal Liberal Association’s financial transactions return within six months following its deregistration on December 31, 2014; and
  • providing the Chief Electoral Officer with a document that does not substantially set out the information required by the Canada Elections Act.
Plea: On May 28, 2018, Margot Doey-Vick pleaded guilty to both counts.
Sentence: A fine of $500.00 for each count, payable within 120 days. The sentence also requires Ms. Doey-Vick to file the required return within 120 days.

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