Final Disposition at Trial – December 2, 2015

Accused: Reginald Bowers of Happy Valley Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador.
Facts: On May 6, 2015, three Canada Elections Act charges were sworn in the Provincial Court of Newfoundland and Labrador in St. John's. The charges were related to an investigation into events that took place during the 41st general election in 2011.
Offences: On October 6, 2015, Reginald Bowers pleaded guilty to:
  • Failing, within 30 days of becoming aware of ineligible contributions to the candidate, to return the contributions unused to the contributor, or pay the amount of the contribution to the Chief Electoral Officer;
  • Providing the Chief Electoral Officer with a document that he knew or ought reasonably to have known contained a material statement that was false or misleading.
Sentencing Date: December 2, 2015
Sentence: The court imposed the following sentence:
  • A fine of $500 for the ineligible contributions; and
  • A fine of $1000 for providing a false or misleading document.

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