Summary of the Notice of Violation

Name of individual, corporation or entity Roberto Carbone
Date of violation October 2020 by-election
Section of the Act 354(1)
Baseline amount $500
Aggravating factor N/A
Mitigating factor N/A
AMP total amount $500
Issued by Deputy Commissioner

Key facts of violation

During the October 2020 by-election in the electoral district of York-Centre, Roberto Carbone was required to register as a third party as election advertising exceeded the $500 threshold in regulated expenses. Moreover, as he was required to register as a third party, he was also required by virtue of subsection 354(1) of the Canada Elections Act (Act) to appoint a financial agent.

Elections Canada’s records confirm that as of July 13, 2022, a financial agent had not been appointed.

There are therefore reasonable grounds to believe that Roberto Carbone is in violation of the requirement to appoint a financial agent, as required by subsection 354(1) of the Act.

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