Summary of the Notice of Violation

Name of individual, corporation or entity Heather Mack
Date of violation June 8, 2021
Section of the Act 478.8(7)
Baseline amount $300
Aggravating factor N/A
Mitigating factor N/A
AMP total amount $300
Issued by Manager, Compliance Unit

Key facts of violation

As the financial agent for Glen Murray for the purposes of the Green Party of Canada leadership contest held on October 3, 2020, Heather Mack was required by subsection 478.8(7) of the Canada Elections Act (the Act) to provide the Leadership Campaign Return and required documents (Return) to the Chief Electoral Officer within the required deadline.

As an extension was requested by the financial agent and granted by the Chief Electoral Officer, the deadline to submit the Return was June 7, 2021. Elections Canada’s records show that the Return was received on October 25, 2022, 505 days after the deadline.

There are therefore reasonable grounds to believe that Heather Mack failed to provide the Return within the required deadline, as required by subsection 478.8(7) of the Act.

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