Summary of the Notice of Violation

Name of individual, corporation or entity Rebel News Network Ltd
Date of violation Between September 11 and October 21, 2019
Section of the Act 352
Baseline amount $1,500
Aggravating factor N/A
Mitigating factor N/A
AMP total amount $1,500
Issued by Deputy Commissioner

Key facts of violation

During the election period for the 43rd federal general election, Rebel News Network Ltd (Rebel News) distributed lawn signs that clearly opposed a registered party and its leader, giving reasonable grounds to believe that Rebel News carried out "election advertising", as defined at subsections 2(1) and (7) of the Canada Elections Act (Act).

In accordance with section 352 of the Act, a third party must include in any election advertising message placed by it, in a manner that is clearly visible or otherwise accessible, its name, its telephone number, either its civic or its Internet address, and an indication in or on the message that it authorized its transmission (commonly referred to as a "tagline"). As the election advertising message contained on the lawn signs distributed by Rebel News did not contain the required tagline as they did not provide the third party's telephone number, its civic or Internet address, and an indication on the message that the third party authorized its transmission.

There are therefore reasonable grounds to believe that Rebel News contravened section 352 of the Act.

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