Administrative Monetary Penalties

On June 13, 2019, the Commissioner of Canada Elections’ compliance and enforcement toolkit was expanded to include an Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMP) regime.

AMPs can be imposed by the Commissioner to deal with various violations of the Canada Elections Act (the Act) including contraventions related to or involving:

AMPs may also be imposed to address non-compliance with a term or condition of a compliance agreement or of an undertaking, or for failing to comply with a requirement of the Chief Electoral Officer made under Parts 16, 17 or 18 of the Act.

The criteria for determining the amount of an AMP is set out in the Act, and the Commissioner has adopted a general formula for applying these criteria.

In order to maintain transparency, and as required by the Act, a notice that sets out the name of the person or entity that is deemed to have committed a violation, identifies the act or omission or the failure to comply to which the violation relates and sets out the amount of the administrative monetary penalty is published on this website.

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